Baseus Whale Humidifier 420ml Green/White


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Baseus Whale Humidifier 420ml Green/White



Baseus Whale Humidifier 420ml Green/White

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Product Description

Baseus Whale Humidifier 420ml Green/White

Producent Baseus
Model Whale Humidifier
Material ABS, PP
Volume 420 ml
Operation time 6-12 h
Color Green & White
Loudness to 30 dB
Power 2,5 W
Weight 0.55kg
Power supply 5 V
Cable length 1 m
Power port micro USB
Included accessories 2 cotton sticks, USB cable

The elegant, cup-like Baseus thermal air humidifier can take care of the dry air in your home, work or car. It perfectly humidifies the air, improving your well-being and preventing your skin from drying out.


Because the size and appearance are similar to a mug, you can always have it with you. Take it to your bag or backpack and enjoy clean and moist air.

Choose the power yourself

Fill the humidifier with one cup of tap water (it is important not to use distilled water). You can choose between a gentle spray of water or a stronger one for a larger area.

Safe use

With intelligent protection, the humidifier will cut off the power supply itself if necessary, so you don’t have to worry about safety.

Perfect in any place

The Baseus Humidifier will work perfectly in any place. You can take it with you to the university, to work, car, or use it at home and not worry about dry air.

Delicate backlighting

The gentle backlighting creates a nice and cozy atmosphere when the room is dark. You can choose between cold white light, blue or yellow.

How to use it?

Open the lid and fill the cup with water. Then connect the humidifier to the power supply (the lamp indicating correct operation will light up). Press the power button to start a continuous gentle spray of mist or press it a second time to start intermittent mode and backlight. Hold the button to control the light or turn off the device.



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Weight 2 kg