Essager USB Bluetooth 5.0 Adapter Dongle


Essager USB Bluetooth 5.0 Adapter Dongle For PC Computer Wireless Mouse Keyboard PS4 Aux Audio Bluetooth 5 Receiver Transmitter

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Essager USB Bluetooth 5.0 Adapter Dongle For PC Computer Wireless Mouse Keyboard PS4 Aux Audio Bluetooth 5 Receiver Transmitter

Brand: Essager

Product name: Essager Mini 5.0 Bluetooth-compatible Adapter
Material: ABS

Product net weight: 130g

Bluetooth-compatible remote control distance: straight line distance 10M

1. Bluetooth-compatible adapter, using Bluetooth-compatible 5.0 version, better realize the wireless connection of the computer and the Bluetooth-compatible device, so that the computer has the Bluetooth-compatible function

2. Compared with 4.0, Bluetooth-compatible 5.0 has lower power consumption, faster transmission speed, lower delay, and is backward compatible with 4.0/4.1/4.2 and other versions
3. Only one Bluetooth-compatible adapter can be connected to Bluetooth-compatible headset, mouse, keyboard, gamepad, printer, etc. at the same time, support multiple devices to connect at the same time, bid farewell to the shackles of cables and the trouble of not enough USB ports for connecting multiple devices
Bluetooth-compatible connected earphones, listening to operas and watching dramas, wireless is more free, you can move around in various positions in the room or freely, no longer have to sit by the computer

(Note: 1. The mouse and keyboard must support the Bluetooth-compatible function to connect and use, and the general wireless mouse and keyboard cannot be connected. 2. Only support the use of windows system and need to install the driver 3. Because the Apple mobile phone itself does not support the Bluetooth-compatible data transmission function , So only audio transmission is supported)
4. With Bluetooth-compatible , the computer can transfer files with the phone and tablet even if there is no network, and the transfer is more convenient
5. Bluetooth-compatible wireless transmission and WiFi signal do not interfere with each other
6. After the device is connected for the first time, it can automatically remember and automatically connect when it is turned on again. Say goodbye to frequent connections

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