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Hand Grip For Fitness

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Product Description

Hand Grip For Fitness

Imported / Wrist Muscles Training Strength Exercise Grips
Available in different colors.
Set of two.

Hand grip strengtheners are used to greatly strengthen your hands, wrists, and forearms. As a result, you will drastically improve your performance in terms of hitting, throwing, pulling, pushing, holding, and even playing instruments. This handgrip is the best choice for fingers and hands. It can be used while watching tv and reading paper. Continuous use of this hand grip will alleviate fatigue and improve blood circulation in arms and hands and it will prevent rheumatism arthritis. You can buy this product online in Pakistan, exclusively from iBucket.pk.

  • Good Exercise for Health
  • Relaxes hand muscles
  • Size: 12 x 8 x 1.5 cm
  • Alleviate fatigue and improve blood circulation
  • Prevent rheumatism arthritis
  • Build finger, hand, and forearm strength


Additional Information

Weight .25 kg

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