Hand Held Metal Detector Body Scanner Public Safety Gadget

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Hand Held Metal Detector Body Scanner Public Safety Gadget

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Product Description

Hand Held Metal Detector Body Scanner Public Safety Gadget

Features of hand held metal detector 

▪ High sensitivity. Detects a pin within 30mm-60mm. 
▪ Streamlined appearance, small and exquisite, easy to carry and operate, convenient, easy charging.
▪ When the battery voltage drops from 9V to 7V, the detecting distance remains unchanged.
▪ Energy smart: it can work 40 hours continuously. 
▪ There are three alarm modes can be selected: light alarm, audible alarm, and vibration alarm.
▪ When the battery is almost exhausted, the machine will give a reminder by sound or vibration.
▪ Turn on (off) the detector, it will give you an audible alarm or a vibratory alarm.
▪ There are also two sensitivities, high and low, to select. 
▪ A plug-in socket: are the installation of rechargeable batteries, it can be directly into the machine is fully charged。

▪ Sensitivity is adjustable, convenient and flexible switch button for high and low sensitivity, one key to change high or low sensitivity.

▪ It has strong shock resistance, strong and durable, 1 m high free fall without damage.


Model:       Garrett Power Supply: 1*9V battery
Working Current: <50mA Working Frequency: 22Khz
Working Voltage: DC 7V-12V Reset Time: 0.5 seconds automatically
N.W.: 400g Operating Temperature: -5℃ to +55℃
1. Alarm Indication
Steady Yellow LED: LOW BATTERY
Flashing green LED: POWER
Flashing red LED: DETECTION
2. Alarm signal
Sound mode Buzzer and red LED
Vibration mode and the red LED
3. Battery
A 9V alkaline or lithium batteries
30-40 hours of battery life (lithium battery)
28 hours (alkaline batteries)

Additional Information

Weight 0.4 kg
Dimensions 30 × 10 × 10 cm

Garrette Gray, Garrette Black, Arsenal

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