Philips FC9571-01 Magic Purple Vacuum Cleaner


Philips FC9571-01 Magic Purple Vacuum Cleaner


-Brand: Philips

-Power: 1900 Watt

-1.5 L

-Power Cyclone 7 Technology

-Tri Active Nozzle

-Filtration Level is Equivalent to HEPA 13

-Color: Magic Purple

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Philips FC9571-01 Magic Purple Vacuum Cleaner


-Brand: Philips

-Power: 1900 Watt

-Capacity: 1.5 L

-Power Cyclone 7 Technology

-Tri Active Nozzle

-Filtration Level is Equivalent to HEPA 13

-Color: Magic Purple


Input power (max): 1900  W

Input power (IEC): 1700  W

Suction power (max): 410  W

Sound power level: 72-82  dB

Action radius: 9  m

Power control: Electronic on appliance

Carrying handle: Top and front

Tube type: Metal 2-piece telescopic tube

Tube coupling: Active Lock

Wheel type: Rubber

Dust capacity: 1.5  L

Exhaust filter: Allergy H13 filter

Motor filter: Washable filter

Filtration level: HEPA13 level* 

Standard nozzle: Tri Active nozzle

Additional nozzle: Furniture nozzle

Accessory storage: On tube clip

Filter replacement: FC8010/02

Powerful 1900W motor for high suction power:
1900W motor generates up to 410W of high suction power for powerful performance and deep cleaning results.

Power Cyclone 7 keeps strong suction power for longer:
Power Cyclone 7 technology features an aerodynamic design to minimize air resistance and ensure sustained strong suction power. Super accelerated air flow in the cylindrical chamber and unique exit blades effectively cut out the dust from the air.

Tri Active nozzle for 3-way thorough cleaning action
Tri Active nozzle utilizes 3 cleaning actions in one go. The specially designed soleplate removes dust from deep within carpets, while the large front opening sucks up big bits. Air channels and brushes on both sides of the nozzle pick up any dust and dirt alongside walls or furniture.

Power control function to adjust suction power:
Power control function easily adjusts suction for different cleaning tasks, from hard floors to soft furnishings.

Compact design with front and top handle for easy carrying:
Compact and lightweight design ensure both storing and lifting the vacuum is easy. The design includes top and front handles for effortless carrying.

Dust container designed for hygienic emptying with one hand:
Easy-to-empty dust container is designed for hygienic disposal with one hand, to help minimize dust cloud.

Soft brush integrated into handle & furniture nozzle:
Dusting brush tool is built into the handle so it’s always ready to use on furniture, flat surfaces and upholstery. Furniture nozzle is designed for optimal cleaning of soft furnishings like cushions, couches and arm chairs, even removing pet hair.

Soft bumper and rubber wheels to protect furniture:
Soft bumper and rubber wheels protect furniture and prevent floor scratches while being easy to maneuver around your home.

Weight 30 kg
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