Philips QP2520-20 Black One Blade


Philips QP2520-20 Black One Blade

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Product Description

Philips QP2520-20 Black One Blade


– Trimming system: Contour-following technology

– Comb: 3 stubble combs (1, 3, 5 mm)
– Maintenance: Storage cap

– Charging: Rechargeable
– Display: Charging indicator on adapter
– Wet and dry use: Yes

– Color: Lime green, charcoal grey
– Handle: Ribbed rubber grip

– Run time: 45 minutes
– Charging: 8 hours full charge
– Battery type: Ni-MH
– Automatic voltage: 100-240 V
– Max power consumption: 2 W

Unique One Blade technology:
The Philips One Blade has a revolutionary technology designed for facial styling and body grooming. It can trim, edge and shave any length of hair. Its dual protection system – a glide coating combined with rounded tips – makes shaving easier and comfortable. Its shaving technology features a fast-moving cutter (200x per second) so it’s efficient – even on longer hairs.

Trim it down:
Trim your beard to a precision stubble length with one of the included 3 stubble combs. 1mm for a 5 o’clock, 3mm for a tight trim, and 5mm for a long stubble.

Edge it up:
Create precise edges with the dual-sided blade. You can shave in either direction to get great visibility and see every hair that you’re cutting. Line up your style in seconds!

Shave it off:
One Blade doesn’t shave as close as a traditional blade – so your skin stays comfortable. Go against the grain and shave off any length of hair easily.

Contour following:
One Blade follows the contours of your face allowing you to effectively and comfortably trim and shave all areas of your face.

Create precise edges & sharp lines with the dual-sided blade:
One Blade follows the contours of your face, allowing you to easily and comfortably trim and shave all areas. Use the dual-sided blade to style your edges and create clean lines by moving the blade in any direction.

3 click-on stubble combs (1, 3, 5mm) for an even stubble:
Attach one of the click-on combs to get the even stubble length you want.

Durable One Blade:
The blades are designed for lasting performance. For optimal performance, you will only need to replace each blade every 4 months*. Replacement is easy and hassle free.

Wet & dry:
One Blade is water resistant, so it is easy to clean: just rinse it under the tap. You can also shave with or without foam – whichever you prefer.

Long lasting battery:
Rechargeable battery deliver 45 minutes of constant performance after an 8 hour charge.


– Brand: Philips

– Run Time 45 minutes

– Charging 8 hours full charge

– Battery type Ni-MH Automatic voltage 100-240 V

– Max Power Consumption 2 Watt

Weight 1 kg