Redme Air Dots Pro


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Redme Air Dots Pro

  • Imported
  • High Quality
  • Auto-Stop charging
  • Best Sound Quality

    Redmi AirDots Pro Specification

    • Wifi : HFP/A2DP/ HSP/AVRCP
    • Bluetooth; version 5.0
    • Frequency Response: 20 Hz – 20 kHz
    • Driver type: Dynamic
    • Capacity: 50 mAh per earphone
    • Music Time: 5H
    • Standby time: 12H
    • Charging box: 300mAh Li-ion Battery,
    • Weight: 0.55kg

    Earphones Pairing method

    1. Take out from the charging bin or press and hold the left and right earphones multi-function button for 3 seconds to turn on until the red and blue lights flash alternately, enter the ear search pairing state.

    enter the ear pair automatic matching, and match the main ear(right ear) The red and blue lights are alternately flashing, the secondary ear is flashing slowly, and the paired ear is successfully played.

    2. Start the Bluetooth function of the mobile phone or other devices.

    It is an Android mobile phone or device, please click the “Search for Bluetooth device” option. If it is the IOS system mobile phone or device, it will automatically search for the device; when searching for the model of the Bluetooth headset After that, click to enter the pairing; when the pairing is successful, the main(right) earphone will make a prompt to connect successfully, and the left and right earphones will turn blue and flesh slowly, and enter the connected standby state.

    After the pairing is successful, the main ear is the right channel. The secondary ear is the left channel.

    3. The two earphones can also be paired with the mobile phone separately Tns operation method can be operated according to the above step 2 operation method.

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