Silicone Baby Teething Mitten Glove


Silicone Baby Teething Mitten Glove

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Silicone Baby Teething Mitten Glove

Teething babies no longer need to travel far to find something to chew on. This clever little teething mitten is made from flexible food-grade silicone for a soft chew factor so there are no more chapped sore fingers! It fits neatly over the baby’s hands and attaches securely with a velcro- strap, this prevents the teething mitten from hitting the floor. This teething glove is perfect for out and about activities. This teething mitten is a self-soothing easy reach teether for babies and hands-free for parents. With a colorful patterned design, does it stimulate babies? easy machine washing. The silicone teething part of the mitten can be placed on ice to cool it down, perfect for instant gum relief.

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